release manager


Release Manager (RM) from Analytix Data Services offers a clean, intuitive 100% web interface to track the release process approvals, audits, and verifications through the approval process when migrating release objects from one environment to another.


RM enables the user to upload any kind of shared template object when standardizing the type of forms required for planned releases, system access and approvals. The system empowers release managers to create a document repository to standardize the release process and release documents for software releases.


The quick, efficient and user friendly interface brings process, standards, management and collaboration to the release management process.








  • Integrates with Mapping Manager. Tightly align Mappings to planned releases.
  • Create, plan, track, approve and validate planned releases.
  • Consolidate all release documents for planned releases and track the approvals through the review process.
  • Web based system automates the management of the entire release management process.
  • Document repository promotes release standards and best practices for release object standardization across the enterprise.
  • Track and audit approvals for planned releases across the organizations. Enable and Empower Change
  • Compliments existing Configuration Management Tools.
  • Custom logo branding available. Easily add your logo to the application.
  • Customized color controls allows users to associate color to release statuses.
  • Available as Software as a Service (SaaS), CLOUD or server install
  • Empowers release managers to define and promote best practices and standards
  • Streamline and facilitate release management process
  • Reduce risk and meet corporate compliance standards
  • Improve efficiency and reliability by automating the release management process
  • Deliver instant business value
  • Global visibility into the release process and release objects
  • Release management audit trail tracking and support
  • Increased productivity and improved organizational autonomy via shared and collaborative release management environment
  • Streamline communication and collaboration surrounding the release management process



System Requirements:


  • OS : Windows Server 2003 or Higher
  • DBMS : SQL Server 2005 or Higher
  • Browser : Browser independent — runs on all major web browsers
  • RAM : 16 GB Minimum Recommended
  • Hard Drive : 120 GB Recommended

Deployment Alternatives:


  • Also available as a hosted offering, Software as a Service (SaaS) or CLOUD solution Offering

The Mapping Manager toolset enables automation, acceleration, best practices and data mapping standards for any project involving movement of data.

— John R. Talbert Ph.D, - University of Arkansas at Little Rock, College of Information Science and Systems Engineering & Director