Background : You are interested in purchasing a mapping solution and are looking at options. You want to confirm whether AnalytiX Mapping Manager will meet your requirements and business needs. You may want to see a quick implementation of your scenario working in AnalytiX Mapping Manager

Deliverables : As part of this engagement, AnalytiX Mapping Manager expert will support you in your evaluation and test process. Depending on the scope of your scenario, we will either assist your team in building a prototype of your solution in AnalytiX Mapping Manager or build this proof of concept and demo it to your team.

Duration : 5 days from Requirement Documents are developed

The Mapping Manager toolset enables automation, acceleration, best practices and data mapping standards for any project involving movement of data.

— John R. Talbert Ph.D, - University of Arkansas at Little Rock, College of Information Science and Systems Engineering & Director